Prestressed Concrete

Structural consultants for a pre-stressing supplier in the design of  pre stressed hollow core slabs & predalles floor plate systems. The Office has developed detailed spreadsheets for pre stressed hollow core slabs & composite predalles systems in pre stressed or reinforced reinforcement incorporating overall structural concrete topping.

Calculations are undertaken for the load/shear capacity together with deflection checks according to EC2 for the various hollow core standard pre stressed slab sections available (200mm – 525mm thicknesses) & predalles composite systems for overall thickness varying from 125mm – 300mm.

2 contributions published in The Structural Engineer Veralum section give insight on the structural effects when prestressed planks are placed on flexible as opposed to rigid supports. An indication of the distribution of loadings on planks or predalles sections, may be gauged from a 2008 presentation in Resources section “Building Additional Floors-Penthouses on Existing Construction”.

Verulam - The Structural Engineer, June 2013

Verulam - The Structural Engineer, September 2018