Montgomery House

The building was originally erected in 1732, to serve as a country house for the Grand Master Maonel de Vilhena in 1732. After his passing the building became known as the Market House and it fulfilled the role as an administrative building to the adjacent Granaries. Further works to the original building were undertaken by the British in 1826 and the building became known as The Pavilion. During the British period the building served as an Officer’s Mess for British Forces who were occupying several barracks in Floriana. 

The restoration works undertaken have taken care of the individual elements of the building to create an authentic historical building. During the process of the works, the façade was studied section by section to cater for interventions that would stir the viewer’s curiosity. The building has a myriad of small details, some unnoticeable that reflect the grander events that Malta was in.

The energy performance of the building was also taken into consideration, by having an overhaul of the building’s fenestrations. The unique job entailed surveying the design of the old, deteriorated apertures and extrapolating them onto new double glazed apertures, with a unique frame texture befitting the context of not just the building but the historical context of the area as well.