Floriana Project

The project aims to develop a study for Environmental and Social Regeneration in Malta through a Sustainable Urban and Transport Solution. The main scope of this project is to transform a highly polluted arterial road into a green strip, gaining access to Malta’s capital city. In the conceptual model, the transformation of St. Anne Street is achieved by shifting the traffic flow underground, thus liberating the surface to be designed as a new recreational/pedestrian space for both public and tourists. Such a project would inject new life into Floriana and would regenerate the city on several levels by turning it back to its original Green City.

The impact this project will have on Malta 

The Model for Urban Sustainable Regeneration would be a maiden project of its kind. Currently Malta is focused on improving its road infrastructure since society as a whole is focused on using the car as a mode of transport. The model of the Green City would start a process for a change in mentality for future generations to shift the current modes of transportation. The greater benefit however, is the social regeneration that would be injected into the core of the location as such a project would improve both the visual and the community aspect of a town. The project aims to impact :

  • Increasing Green spaces in urban planning. 
  • Encouraging alternate transportation.
  • Promote Sustainability in urban projects.
  • Show the Social Movement as a means of reviving villages and town centres off the usual tourist track.
  • Promote Quality in Urban development.