Valuation Practice & Property Management

Consultancies for local and foreign financial institutions revolves around residential, office, retail, warehousing and the specialised valuation practice of hotels, old people’s homes, hospitals, petrol stations, schools and quarries. The Valuation Practice analytical approach adopted by the firm has revolutionised this important real estate sector for the Maltese economy.

This practice, acknowledging the great importance of Real Estate for Malta led to chairing a sub-committee of the KTP Architect & Civil Engineering Chamber in Malta publishing Valuation Standards for Malta in 2004, as updated in 2012.

In 1999, the office had chaired a KTP/BICC Conference on Housing Affordability in Malta. This dilemma led to establishing a housing affordability index HAI for the Maltese Islands.  Later on the % calculation of people falling below the poverty trap was established by the Office.

Further, the office over the years has held various CPD valuation courses for KTP, the Malta Chamber of Architects and Civil  Engineers in Valuation Practice.  These courses outline valuation methodology as undertaken in the local context, whilst taking cognisance of the legal structures in place.



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