DHI Periti designs to improve the Energy Efficiency in buildings in order to reduce electricity and water consumption and increase indoor thermal comfort and air quality by identifying the best technical and passive solutions of the building.


  • Integration of Energy Efficient Technologies in a Non-invasive manner
  • Passive Design Optimization
  • Materials selection
  • Smart Grid
  • Occupant Waste Management
  • Cost – Benefit Analysis
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Government Incentives update
  • Sustainability Communication & Marketing


  • Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Offices
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Tourism
  • Healthcare


Energy Performance of Buildings Certification

The Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) Directive (2002/91/EC) introduced a system of certification which resulted into the creation of minimum requirements on the energy performance of buildings.  These minimum requirements came into force in Malta’s Legal Notice 238 in 2006 and Legal Notice 261 in 2008. These legislations established minimum requirements on all new buildings  and other existing buildings which undergo extensive alterations.  As a result to this all buildings  that are designed, sold or rented from 2009 onwards have to have an Energy Performance Certificate.

DHI Periti offers the service of an inhouse EPB Assessor and a Sustainability Consultant.



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