Structural Engineering

Having gained experience on structural projects and bridgeworks in the Middle East and Libya in the late seventies, this work led to the elegance and economy of material in the  structural steel design of the ribbed dome for Savio College gym.

Work relates to:

  • Steel structures
  • Concrete reinforced & prestressed structures
  • Masonry Structures
  • Timber & Glazing Design
  • Geotecnics in structural engineering involving clay sites, piling in rock, diaphragm walling.
  • Seismic & Tsunami design

DHI Periti offers the service of an inhouse structural steel fabrication detailer.

Over the years, DHI Periti have constantly kept abreast in the field of Engineering by publishing papers in high profile journals and also in the undertaking of CPD courses for Structural Engineers with particular reference to the structural strength & serviceability performance of local materials.

The office in 2001 had compiled for BICC a “Structural Design Handbook for the Maltese Islands” which had tackled the structural capabilities of the local masonry Franka, both as a compressive load bearing element and as geometric panels to withstand lateral loading, whether wind, soil or water pressures.

In Disaster Management, a report had been compiled in 1995 for the Malta Insurance Association for the “Seismic, Tsunami, and Volcanic vulnerability of the Maltese Islands.”

Due to DHI Periti’s overall experience, the office is entrusted with:

  1. DHI Periti is responsible for the vetting for  engineering stream candidates for the award of the FEANI designation Eur. Ing.
  2. DHI Periti currently accommodates candidates of the Institution of Structural Engineers for their professional Chartered examination ((M.I.Struct.E.). The examination is held annually in April and depending on local demand, candidates will report to the office for further insttrcutions. A member of staff acts as an official Institution Invigilator and is the liason with the Institution Headquarters.