Floriana Green City

The origins of Floriana date back to 1634 when Grand Master De Paule.

Today, Floriana has a population of around 2,300 inhabitants and it covers an area of 133 acres, extending from City Gate to Porte des Bombes, an enceinte better known as the inner and outer defences.

Looking into the development of Floriana and mapping its urban fabric, you may be stunned by the vast amount of green urban fabric that is present, some of which are examples of the best British Garden Design in Malta.

Despite this, the heavy congested and consequent air polluted Saint Anne Street, is what predominantly defines the urban city of Floriana along with the granaries.

The project seeks to address the heavy congestion and consequent air pollution generated in Floriana by transforming  St. Anne street.

The project proposal is to remove the vehicular traffic from Saint Anne Street by providing an underground tunnel directly underneath the existing road.

This allows the surface to be pedestrianized and landscaped thus giving a new life to the immediate area and to Floriana as a whole.

This will contribute towards a once envisaged vision of transforming Floriana into a garden city.


  • Regeneration of a highly congested vehicular road to a public green area through a sustainable approach that is in-line with government policies
  • Inject a new social life in Floriana whilst enhancing the economic value of the area.
  • Generate new investment in Floriana from the regeneration of real estate property, (majority of property in St Anne Street is government owned allowing for extension of commercial premises that would compliment Valletta). This would result in direct economic benefits and generate multiplier effects
  • Regeneration of Floriana as a whole due to the green pedestrian link that will re-unite different parts of this city and will lead to the capital city
  • Improve Transport and traffic management
  • Create a Self Sufficient intervention through Energy Efficiency Urban Furniture Design

The project can form part of the government’s vision for the regeneration of the harbour and the southern areas and therefore continue to build upon the string of projects that have been completed or are being envisaged for these areas.