Business Block_Flexible Office Space

This project involves converting four floors of an existing 1950s office block measuring 3,500sqm into a flexible office space . The main concept for the proposals was to retain the central circulation, reinstate the original corridor and organise services along the inside of the corridor while office spaces will be along the external perimeter.

The main offices are open plan to create an interactive dynamic working environment. To ensure the offices are as flexible as possible fixed walls are strategically replaced by moveable walls that can be folded away. These walls break the office space into regular units that can be easily and quickly modified to meet the tenants requirements. An open central reception provides a striking entrance area from where users can easily navigate around the original corridor circulation.

The different elements of the office have been organised to ensure ease of use and a balance of open interactive spaces while keeping into consideration closed quiet spaces. Each working spaces has natural light, provision for a large centralised welcome desk and clear access to the escape route and corridor. All board rooms (the commercial front of a business) are central to the offices and are situated in the corner rooms of the block where they can be accessed from either side of the business block.