Energy Performance Certification

According to Maltese legislation all public entities that are occupying a building and are providing public services to a large number of persons are to ensure that an EPC based on the asset rating of the building is commissioned and displayed at all times in a prominent place clearly visible to the public.

Environmental degradation has exceeded a point, where it can no longer be treated only as a moral obligation. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (2002/91/EC) introduced a system of certification which resulted into the creation of minimum requirements on the energy performance of buildings.  These minimum requirements came into force in Malta’s Legal Notice 238 in 2006 and Legal Notice 261 in 2008. These legislations established minimum requirements (as shown in Technical Guidance Document F ) on all new buildings  and other existing buildings which undergo extensive alterations.  As a result to this all buildings  that are designed, sold or rented from 2009 onwards have to have an Energy Performance Certificate.

DHI Periti offers the service of an inhouse EPB Assessor.